Is Cheap Fuel Bad for My Car? Cash 4 Cars Adelaide

With the prices of fuel, nearly every car owner is doing their best to save money at the pump. You may have gone from supreme fuel to the not so high quality, feeling that it is at least a few cents saved per gallon. Now, you think that to save a bit more; you’ll switch to an off-brand petrol station with lower fuel prices. Even with the savings, the fear is stuck in the back of your head that the low-cost fuel may end up harming your engine.


What’s the solution?

According to experts, there is no reason to worry about cheap fuel as it is rare that it would hurt the car. With today’s advancement in the technology of cars, most cars have an onboard computer that adjusts for the variations in fuel, so there is no difference in the car’s performance even when the fuel is changed to a cheaper brand.


Newer car owners may opt to stay with the brand they know offers a good quality of fuel; and, that is understandable. Those with older cars might not be as concerned about the engine of their car and the possible effect of the petrol or diesel. Either way, according to the experts, there is little risk of damage to the car, so yes, it is okay to put cheaper fuel in old cars.

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However, it is important to understand that cheap fuel may start out as cheap; but, it may not remain a consistent quality of cheap fuel. The cheap, off brands petrol and diesel from the not so known stations is a base fuel from refineries that have additives mixed in by the workers; whereas the premium fuels have more additives added to clean and protect the engine.


New or old car, read your owner’s manual as it provides car owners with a great deal of information, including specifics on the type of fuel to add to the car.


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